Tendonitis, Bursitis and Bowenwork
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symptoms Kevin Minney has synthesized a powerful and innovative new form of healthcare. It has applications for pain relief, injury recovery, stress reduction, enhanced performance for sports and work, as well as for the maintenance of health and wellness.

Combining Osteopathic technique, Bowenwork, Quantum Touch, BodyTalk, Cellular Response and EFT, Kevin addresses the body as a whole and partners with the body's innate healing capacity to communicate with the brain through neural connections.

These highly sensitive pathways used for sensing motion and maintaining balance bypass our conscious thought and voluntary muscle action. As a result, the messages sent communicate healing facilitation more directly.

Kevin Minney's work is
  • easily administered
  • virtually pain-free in application
  • uniquely tailored to each individual
  • beneificial for recent acute problems as well as chronic illnesses
The techniques are safe for all ages, from babies to senior citizens because of the gentle nature of its application. Clients who are acutely sensitive from chronic or acute pain or inflammation welcome this non-intrusive aspect as a way of relieving their pain without causing more suffering.

Why not work with the powerful natural capacity of the Body to speed healing and recover long-lasting health?

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    "A session with Kevin is as good as my best day of training."
    Mike Percey
    World-Ranked Masters' Sailboarder